Intrusion Detection

Perimeter security is an often-overlooked component of an organization’s protection plan.  It can dramatically impact the effectiveness of a facility’s overall security. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of all zones of protection starting from the distant exterior locations to vehicle and pedestrian entry points.

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World Class Perimeter Security Solutions

When designed and implemented properly, perimeter security solutions can reduce overall security costs and improve security efficiency. Our experienced team can design and implement the perimeter security solution you need based on your specific needs and requirements.


Business Alarm Monitoring

We offer 24/7 monitoring of our alarm systems, notify authorities of break-ins, fires, and provide 24-hour service to our clients. We also offer customized security systems to monitor entry and exit points 365 days a year and safeguard your business from intruders. Whatever your needs, Sting Alarm can provide the best electronic security intrusion solutions for your business.

2-Way Voice

Allows us to verify problems at your location, even when you aren’t there.

User Access

Manage user access, and activate facial recognition features to reduce liabilities.

Video Monitoring

Allows us to verify problems at your location, even when you aren’t there.

Verified Alarms

Verified alarm monitoring allows us to dispatch local police, not just a guard.

UL Monitoring

3x redundant 5-diamond UL certified monitoring stations.

Secure 4G-LTE

Secure 4G-LTE cellular monitoring with dual-path WiFi monitoring back-up.

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