Sting Alarm is a premier commercial, enterprise and gaming surveillance solutions company that provides turnkey advanced security solutions for large businesses in Las Vegas and all over the United States. Each solution is tailored to the needs of each client.

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Casinos & Gaming

Sting Alarm provides turn-key advanced security solutions that promote better situational awareness, operational effectiveness and improves emergency responsiveness for gaming customers across the United States.

We empower casino operators to detect and respond quickly to undesirable behavior while capturing details in an extreme lighting environment like a casino (think about all the blinking lights!) - allowing for 24/7/365 recording and full coverage of high-traffic areas with forensic video retention to comply with regulations. As your surveillance partner, Sting Alarm helps you achieve both regulatory compliance and operational integrity.


Systems Design

Support & Maintenance

Local Service

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR cameras and devices allow security teams to scan the plates of vehicles to determine if the cars have been linked to crimes, if drivers have outstanding fines, and more, in their effort to protect people, assets, and property.

Advanced LPR systems can also capture images of a driver’s face, drive-in time and driver’s name, when available. The video and data from these systems can provide video evidence, such as the time of arrival and exit. Operational costs can be minimized in the form of reducing a security team’s time to search through video or to investigate leads.

Sting Alarm has assisted in the design, installation, and servicing of numerous LPR systems with leading software solution partners throughout the U.S. Our team can ensure the correct design and installation of an LPR system that will conform to your specific needs, demands, and requirements.

Point of Sale Integration (POS)

Sting Alarm is the premier security systems integrator that has an established reputation for excellence in integrating with most POS systems. Sting Alarm provides POS hardware and software integration solutions through solutions that are evaluated and recommended based on the needs of the customer.

One way to reduce theft and crime at the POS is by integrating video surveillance and video management software to help prevent losses and liabilities from taking place. The integration of VMS and POS provides a video record of each transaction, or lack of transaction, that can be used to identity the person presenting and using a credit card, an employee failing to charge or undercharging for items, and the direct theft of money from the cash drawer.

Video software can track alerts and search POS data based on predefined transaction types to be used during investigations.


Data Rack Clean Up

Many server rooms start out small and quickly grow to include multiple servers with miles of cabling and other equipment. Over time, server rooms that are not maintained can hinder operations and lead to unnecessary and preventable cost overruns.  Especially when you have a problem with the system or network!

Having well organized cabling in your server room is important for many reasons. First, it allows you to see easily access the servers and equipment in your room to easily facilitate servicing, thus reducing the total cost and time of service. Server equipment with neatly organized cabling also allows for proper airflow to avoid equipment overheating, while also ensuring that server equipment power is accurately distributed.

Sting Alarm can ensure that your server room is well planned and organized, ensuring sustained operations. Our services include:

  • Assessing current cabling and network configuration

  • Ensuring proper cable selection

  • Deploying a cable management system

  • Rack and tray installation and service

  • Installation of wire managers

  • Labeling and tagging all current and new wiring

  • Certifying and documenting and infrastructure

  • Designing systems with future scalability

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is critical as all security equipment runs on a network.  Without proper cabling and connections to your network, your surveillance, access control, and security systems can not run at their full potential and can even become damaged over time. Your cabling and/or wireless infrastructure must also be available 24/7.

Sting Alarm installs, test and certifies Category 5E/6A data cabling and fiber optic cabling. Our team will choose and install the right type of cabling, based on your specific installation needs and other applicable factors, including regulatory requirements, planned occupancy duration, potential moves, updates and changes, and your budget. Sting Alarm installers have expertise in cable handling before and during installation resulting in a structured cabling system that will work for decades.

Upon a successful installation, all cables and connections are thoroughly tested and certified on request. Additionally, Sting Alarm’s project manager will review the installation with you so you fully understand its features and benefits.

Sting System's Structured Cabling services include:

  • Site surveys

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Project management

  • Wire management

  • Labeling and documentation

  • Certification and training


Alarm Monitoring That Never Sleeps

Enterprise businesses in Las Vegas get 24/7 monitoring for security alarms, fire alarms, as well as verified video monitoring services, video analytics and AI-powered object recognition. Protect your investment with the best security in Las Vegas. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Video Verification

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