Video Monitoring

Police take video-verified threats very seriously. Response times are often faster for these prioritized calls. Video monitoring from Sting Alarm draws immediate attention to an intruder on your property, prompting us to intervene right away and notify local authorities before a crime occurs.

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Verify A Real Crime In Progress Within Seconds

There are different approaches to monitoring your surveillance video. There’s traditional video monitoring, which is the reactive approach that involves manually checking in on your cameras. Video verification and monitoring from Sting Alarm will capture suspicious activity in real time, notify the monitoring center, intelligently assess the motion being captured to determine if it is a vehicle or person, and trigger intervention from a live agent warning the intruder through the voice speaker, followed by calling the authorities if needed.



Verify Real Threats

Advanced services like video verification enable our monitoring station to take action immediately when they see something, so that you can relax knowing that a professional team of local agents is watching your back.

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Remote Access

Live remote security camera monitoring.

Smart A.I.

Smart object recognition and video analytics.


Smart clips and notifications of suspicious activity.

Verified Alarms

Verified alarm monitoring allows us to dispatch local police, not just a guard.

Cloud Video

Cloud recording preserves evidence and gives you on the go access.

Live Feed

On-panel video feed for easy review and monitoring on-site.

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